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Changing Needs

woman walking with person in wheelchairWhile many older adults will maintain their mental and physical health, there are those who may require more assistance due to changes in memory or physical abilities.  These changes may occur over time, or suddenly after an unexpected medical emergency. Family and friends are often overwhelmed by the daunting tasks associated with such changes, unsure of how to navigate a complex health care system that is often times short on guidance and limited on support. 

Care Management

Care Management is the collaborative process of evaluating, planning, and facilitating options and services designed to respond to the older adult's physical health and emotional well-being. Care Management serves as a means for assisting older people and their families to attain the highest quality of life given their circumstances.

Aging Life Care Professional

An Aging Life Care Professional can recommend the most appropriate, available, and cost-effective services that will support the older adult and the family. Care Managers will:

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